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Q/A from LinkedIn on SEM/Paid Search

Below are Questions posted on LinnkedIn related to Search Engine Marketing and paid search specifically.  There is  a lot of expertise within these questions -- check them out:

(NOTE:  if you have a question, or would like to discuss SEO topics, post a discussion within the B2B Online Marketing Group by clicking on "Join The Conversation" from the vertical nav on any page).

Q:  Has Google Analytics attached code to your landing page URL's?  Read the answers >>

Q: PPC ROI - Products, or Services?  Discuss the effectiveness of PPC for two different marketing spheres: Services and Products.  Read the answers >>

Q: What is going to be the most important paid search marketing development in 2009?  With BPF funding vanishing, MSN & Yahoo still not challenging Google and Mobile refusing to live up to its hype, I'm interested to see what peopel think will be 'the next big thing' in 2009?  Read the answers >>

Q:  2009 Trends in PPC in the United Kingdom?  Read the answers >>

Q: What's the best CPM ad network you use? Read the answers>>

Q: What is considered a good click through rate?  Read the answers >>

Q: What is the best method to promote a website and acquire clients via search engines (for a professional service, in a single geographical area)?  Read the answers >>

Q: Has anyone had any success with Facebook advertising? Please share any experiences, tips, success stories.  Read the answers >>

Q: Do you use the Google Content Network and how are the results in terms of ROI?  Have you experienced any performance changes since targeting placements and keywords together is possible?  Read the answers >>

Q: What would be the parameters to standardize SEM campaign mapping?  Can someone please help me come up with a standard approach to do campaign mapping despite the size of the account?  Read the answers >>

Q: Do you use Yellow Pages advertising (both print and online) in your media campaigns? Read the answers >>

Q: Is it worth advertising on Business.com? I'm looking at advertising a B2b solution on Business.com for the purpose of lead generation.  Please share experiences... Read the answers >>

Q: What was the one website you advertised on that did suprisingly well?  Read the answers >>

Q: Does anybody have any suggestions for a PPC marketing platform other than the usual suspects?  I am looking for new places where to diversify our search engine advertising efforts (other than google, yahoo, msn, adknowledge, ingenio, etc).  Read the answers >>

Q: How are companies using Search Engine Marketing to promote webinars?  Read the answers >>




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