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Q/A from LinkedIn on SEO

These questions are ones that were asked on LinkedIn.  There are some GREAT questions with terrific answers.  We culled through and saved those we thought would be most valuable to keep as references.

(NOTE:  if you have a question, or would like to discuss SEO topics, post a discussion within the B2B Online Marketing Group by clicking on "Join The Conversation" from the vertical nav on any page).

Q: Backlink Tools: What re you using?  Read the answers >>

Q:  Will GEO location be the most popular SEO technique of 2009?  If not, what do you think it will be? 
Read the answers>>

Q: Linking multiple websites without trying to bootstrap - is it possible?  If you've got multiple sites, so you can optimize each in the search engines for specific terms that one larger site would have problems getting optimized for, each with it's own distinct content, will you run into problems if you link between the sites?  Should you keep them distinct from one another?  Read the answers >>

Q: What are some of the consequences for mid to large sized companies who choose not to consider search engine marketing strategies?  Read the answers >>

Q: Keyword Analysis Approach, the human touch vs. online assist tools?  instead of relying on automated tools to assist you in the selection of popular and competitive keyword selection, why not just pay close attention to what your customers are talking about...  Read the answers >>

Q: Can you please recommend a very good course in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Video SEO?
Read the answers >>

Q: Define Cloaking and Doorway pages.  Curious?  Read the answers >>

Q: Define Page Rank (PR) algorithm.  Read the answers >>

Q: Beyond the Basics of SEO?  Does anyone have a good suggestion for books, websites, seminars, etc. for continued learning of SEO/SEM?  I have all the basic understanding to get the job done, but I want to take everything to the next level.  Read the answers >>

Q: How has Google Local changed the F-Pattern eye tracking studies popularly known as the Google Golden Triangle?  Has the advent of Google local or universal search changed the way searchers perceive the difference between blended search, organic results, and pay per click on the web?  Does anyone have more information on how the eye tracking patterns may have changed?  Read the answers >>

Q:  Should I trust a company that offers SEO when I have higher ranking by doing it in-house?  Question looks at the fact that some SEO companies pitching you business may have a lower page rank for their own site than yours, and if so, should you take them seriously?  Read the answers >>

Q:  What else can I do to my web site?  They are coming in but not buying?  We are getting lots of hits and lots of visits.  We have great reviews of our website and experience, but our visitors are not buying.  What can I do differently?  Read the answers >>

Q: How can I leverage multiple domain names for one web site?  Is there an SEO advantage to having multiple domain names pointing to the same site?  Read the answers >>

Q: Google ranking:  valuable marketing tool or another attempt to sell useless SEO?  Read the answers >>

Q: What is the best way to drive traffic to your website and how do you get people to come back when you are selling a service rather than a product?  (Again -- it does all come down to content...)  Read the answers >>

Q: Which SEO Blog do you respect the most?  Read the answers >>

Q: How SEO effective is adding a blog onto a website? Read the answers >>

Q: What is the best method to promote a website and acquire clients via search (for a professional service, in a single geographical area)?  Read the answers >>

Q: URL and domain change: How to minimize the impact on my SEO work.  Read the answers >>

Q: What will be the future of SEO and what will be Google's role in this future?  Read the answers >>

Q: What do you use to track your client's organic search rankings?  Read the answers >>

Q: Improving "Local Business Lising" Rank.  Is the rank in this part of the Google results determined in the same way as organic results are?  Will we see an improvement for my client in this section as SEO takes effect?  Read the answers >>

Q: Guerrilla Internet Marketing... tips, tricks, and techniques?  Read the answers >>

Q: Recommendations for a multi-lingual SEO agency?  Read the answers >>

Q: In Search Engine Marketing, is it better to separate resource topics on different pages or keep all your resources on the same page?  Read the answers >>

Q: Where can I find good SEO guides on optimizing my website?  Read the answers >>

Q: What options are there to get website traffic & popularity data like Alexa provides, but with narrower geographic scope?  Read the answers >>

Q: Getting SEO certified - a worthless exercise or a sound investment?  Read the answers >>

Q: Is Google biased?  Read the answers >>

Q: Google SEO: Shoule one use rewrites to change a dynamic URL to a static one?  Read the answers >>

Q: Looking for Client SEO Progress forms?  Read the answers >>

Q: What are the best SEO tools for keyword analysis?  Read the answers >>

Q: For SEO purposes, which is the best keyword separator, dashes or underscores?  Read the answers >>

Q: Subdomains vs. slashes - I'm rolling out a new website which has a number of child sites feeding off of it.  I am wondering if anyone knows if there are any user experience issues, market response, branding, etc., regarding whether the sites hsould be subdomains or slahses (site1.foobar.com or www.foobar.com/site1)... Read the answers >>

Q: How can you calculate the ROI of further SEO investments?  Is there a model that can be used?  Read the answers >>

Q: New site launch - Top SEO Tips?  Read the answers >>

















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