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Selecting the 'Right' Keywords is Essential

There are many keyword selection tools and avenues to explore.  Some are free, while others require a subscription.  The most important part of determining your keywords is getting your arms wrapped around the mind of your customers and prospects -- what terms will they use?  Many times we are too close to our products and services, and we've got all the buzzwords that seem second-nature to us.  Be careful to check your perspective at the door, and get into your target market's head when determining the best keywords to focus on.

Below are links to some really good eBooks, tools, and blogs that help you work through this aspect.  I recommend the keyword tools available - and we've got a list of them for you to check out. 

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Good Keywords Website

A comprehensive site for internet keyword research and traffic generation tools. Lots of information -- including a Keyword Primer for Beginners. Great resource!View

A Comprehensive Guide To Keyword Research

This is the first in a series of 12 blog posts that walk you through how to do keyword research to be sure you target the right keywords for your target market.View

Keyword Selection: The Foundation Of Search Engine Optimization

Article written by Chris Churchill provides an overview of how to get started with selecting keywords.View

About.com: Search Engine Optimization Keywords and Phrases

Keywords and phrases strategically placed and crafted into your website can significantly boost your ratings in search engine results. Here are some resources at About.com to get you started in this vital part of search engine optimization.View

Keyword Tools

The keyword tools listed below help and are necessary to selecting the correct keywords for your SEO and/or SEM work.  They all offer slightly different benefits, and most are not free.  Which ever you arrive at using, they are definitely worth the investment.


The definitive site and tool for keyword research.View

Keyword Elite

From the makers of SEO Elite, this keyword tool runs under Windows, and makes your keyword selection and management easy. After you check out the web-based options, check out Keyword Elite - it makes a difference in both SEO and PPC keyword selection and evaluation.View

Keyword Spy

Allows you to track the keywords used by your competitors. That way you can see which keywords they are targeting, and schedule jobs that will produce regular reports that let you keep an eye on them, so you can also adjust your strategy.View


A new tool that helps you determine which keywords you could go after and own. It can also help you get links to your site. Very interesting product, and definitely worth a look.View

Keyword Discovery

From Trellian, this is a keyword discovery tool specifically.View

Google's Keyword Tool

It's free, and it can give you lots of possibilities. The paid options provide a bit more specialized and robust intelligence, but this is certainly an option that works and is available.View