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From LinkedIn Q/A on Email Marketing

We have aggregated a bunch of the Q/A at LinkedIn all about Email Marketing and questions that people had -- and the answers from LinkedIn members.  It's been interesting to archive some of these conversations that are commonly asked.

Here are the ones we've archived.  If you see more that would be helpful to all of us -- please let us know and we'll add them.

Q:  What is the average click-through rate (CTR)?  Best day to email?  Read the Answers.

Q:  Are auto-responders still effective?  Read the answers.

Q:  Know any good email data cleansing companies (UK & USA)?
cleaning up my house database - specifically contact and email information.  What companies handle this kind of work? Read the Answers.

Q:  What is the average Cost per email for B2B Marketing?
including creative, platform, used to send, etc...?  Read the Answers.

Q:  Puchasing lists through opt-in list brokers?
Question asks about specific list brokers and wants to know whether they are worth it, or will they land you on the ISP black list.  Read the Answers.

Q:  How much does it take to be a Spammer?
If you send an initial email about your products/services to people you 'think' might be interested, and then only send a follow-up to folks who respond positively, is that considered spam or networking?  Read the Answers.

Q: Do You Find "Cold Call" E-mail Marketing to Be Effective in Obtaining New Clients?
Similar to the question above -- appears to be an interesting subject.  Targeting your emails is one of the top answers here in terms of who you send emails to -- know your audience - send relevant messaging.  This question was posted twice in different categories.  The answers on both posts are informative.  Read the Answers 2   Read the Answers 1

Q: E-Mail Promotion - How Far Out Should You Drop One To Promote An Event?
Anywhere from 30 days to six months depending upon the type of event and whether travel is required.  Read the Answers.

Q: Is there a rule on content links within enewsletters?
The person wanted to know how many links in an email will set off spam alerts.  Consensus seems to be that if the links are words within the paragraph, it will not trigger spam filters, but if you have the "click here to read" links in the email, that might trigger spam filters.  Answers include thoughts about number of links if going to mobile or text-based emails.  Read the Answers.

Q: Metrics and Benchmarks for Email Campaigns?
Are there any metrics for email in the Professional Services Industry... Read the Answers.

Q: What characteristics of poorly written emails annoy you the most?
This question was asked for input to teach business executives how to use email more effectively.  Read the Answers.




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Marketing Sherpa Email Marketing Benchmark Guide
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