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Marketing Metrics: Do Yours Help Determine Success or Failure?

This section highlights some articles and thinking about measurement and metrics of your marketing activities.  From Email to Website to Social media, how can you best determine whether what you're doing is working?  Almost every article we reviewed say one thing about establishing metrics:  Clearly know your objective before you figure out what to measure.

But don't let that slow you down -- pulling together the metrics you need - whether they are click-through rates, engagement metrics, such as lead score, or conversions for lead generation, the one thing that all articles address is simply:  Get Started.

If you've got some great articles that we missed - let us know and we'll get them out here.  The idea of B2B Online Marketing Pros is simple.  We know marketers are busy.  Yet we all need to improve, and there are more articles, blog posts, and tweets available than ever before -- how do we cull through them all and make it easy to figure out the essential threads that will contribute to improving our efforts.  That's what we're attempting to do with this site.


Kim Albee, B2B Online Marketing Group Manager, President and Founder of Genoo

Case Study: How showing execs quantifiable business results spurs them to contribute to thought leadership/content marketing campaigns.

Nov 4, 2009 Blog post at What Works, What Doesn't Blog provides case study of tracking effectiveness from content and thought leadership campaigns resulted in increased contribution for those very campaigns.

Lead generation metrics should emphasize opportunities not just leads

Oct 27, 2009 post from Start With A Lead blog. Brian Carroll talks about the ways in which metrics have evolved with the increase in digital B2B marketing, and what is one ROI metric that he's found to be very effective.

The Real Return on Marketing Automation Investment

Sept. 15, 2009 post at Sales x Marketing Blog - Is it as easy as saying all benefit from marketing automation comes from increased revenue? This post explores the ROI of marketing automation.

The first web analytics expert system for troubleshooting a drop in web site conversions

Nov 1, 2009 Multichannel Marketing Metrics blogpost that introduces a new tool that helps you troubleshoot a drop in your website conversions. Definitely an interesting tool to help utilize your web analytics to solve problems.

How Do You Value Your Performance Metrics?

Oct. 30, 2009 Online Metrics Insider Post looks at marketing metrics and applying those to social media actions and activity.

Marketing ROI And Metrics: Keep It Simple

Oct 30, 2009 Blog post at HRM Today provides a perspective about keeping it simple, and tying your metrics to the goals that you have for your marketing efforts.

10 Critical Marketing Metrics Every CMO Should Measure NOW

Oct. 30, 2009 blog post from Chief Outsiders blog discusses what are the 10 essential metrics for a marketing organization to know and track.

Marketing Metrics 101

Oct. 26, 2009 post from Move Your Business to the Next Level Blog talks about basic marketing metrics -- a great read for those just starting to consider what metrics might be great to measure. Just remember, whatever you determine they are - keep with them to build metrics over time.

Interview with Dan Martell. Talks Canadian fast-growth companies, marketing metrics, and more.

Oct. 29, 2009 Interview with Dan Martell about fast growth companies and marketing metrics -- it's the conversions, not the traffic!

4 Critical Email Metrics to Monitor

Ezine Article by Kellie D'Andrea takes a look at the basic email metrics and what they tell you.

The Lighter Side of Metrics Today

Oct 13, 2009 post on Marketing NPV site takes a fun look at marketing metrics - for those of you interested in having a good laugh.

Social Media ROI vs. RONI

Jul 30, 2009 Post by Tom Pick in The WebMarketCentral Blog takes a look at RONI - the Return of Not Investing - in other words, if you do NOT participate, what will it cost in terms of lost reputation. Very cool idea. He also explores the falsity of "last-click" measurement - i.e. giving all the credit for a lead to the last activity they did before they gave you their information and became a lead - or turned into a sale.

Social Marketing Metrics

Feb 5, 2009 post on Traffic Report Blog highlights what's true today: know what you're shooting for before starting a social marketing campaign. If you're thinking of starting a social media campaign - this post is worth a read.

Marketing Automation with Integrated Metrics


Understand your best campaigns, top responding leads, top performing content, landing pages, and more.  Use Genoo and turn more prospects into buyers.

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Marketing Metrics in Action: Creating a Performance-Driven Marketing Organization

Marketing Metrics in Action by Laura Patterson







By Laura Patterson - this book is a small and easy to read, and walks you through establishing marketing accountability and making your marketing efforts relevant to the business.

View at Amazon >>

Measuring Marketing: 103 Key Metrics Every Marketer Needs

Measuring Marketing: 103 Key Metrics Every Marketer Needs
This is a big book. But if you want to know the different metrics, how to compute them, as well as the impact on decision making, this is a great reference to have available.View at Barnes & Noble >>