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Insights Gleaned From This Year's Conference!

We've attended the past two years of the Online Marketing Summit, and loved the value and insights provided by the conference each year, and this year is no exception.  For those of you who missed the conference, here is an aggregate of what people have posted about the conference, and other insights gleaned from the conference.

Reading and researching is one thing, but it's no replacement for human interaction and brainstorming that can occur in a conference setting like OMS.  Check out what many of the folks have said and posted about the Online Marketing Summit, and consider attending it next year.

We've grouped the information into 4 key subjects covered at this year's conference:

Having Content is key to sustained success...

2/26/10 Brands As Publishers - Where's Your Content Strategy?

Junta42 Blog post - The post explores some themes present at this year's conference, such as: For brands to stay relevant and develop a true online experience for their customers, brands must master the art of content creation. If you don’t have a content strategy - you better get that on your short list!

2/24/10 - Live from OMS: The 10-Step Content Strategy

Smart Blog on Social Media – post from Online Marketing Summit about how to put a content strategy in place. Broken in to 10 steps! Given that 4 people out of 300 raised their hands that they had a content strategy -- here's where you can kick butt if you get one in place!

More on Content >>

(we have a list of valuable resources on putting together effective and relevant content)

Generating Traffic is Critical to keeping the ball rolling...

2/26/10 - Online Marketing Summit 2010 Review from San Diego

Start SEO Company Blog post - A terrific review of some of the highlight ideas from the conference - great food for thought, and again, highlights the value of attending conferences for the insights you can get in 15 minutes through conversation!

2/25/10 - 12 SEO Tips We Learned from Business OnLine

This post from the Building It Big blog takes you through 12 specific things to check with your SEO efforts. It's easy to digest, and will tip you off to some things that will make a difference in your SEO efforts!

2/24/10 - A 3-Step Program to Drive Your Business' Bottom Line Through Natural Search

Conductor's Resource Center - A post of their presentation at OMS: "A 3-step program to drive your business' bottom line using natural search" - There are a lot of helpful tips in the presentation if you're interested in getting your SEO humming, but it does require form submission to download.

More on Search Engine Optimization >>

(more great resources to help with your search engine optimization efforts)

Creating Landing Pages That Cause Conversions Increases Revenue Oppty...

Improve your landing pages with insights from Tim Ash

Tim Ash, author of the book "Landing Page Optimization" and owner of SiteTuners.com, gave two terrific sessions at OMS10. If you missed the conference, you won't have the presentations, but we've linked to a library of resources he makes available:

  • Increase Landing Page Conversion Rate
  • Landing Page Optimization & Design
  • Raise Conversions Higher
  • Variable Interactions

Getting people to your landing pages is one thing -- getting them to click through and convert is another! Check out these resources and start improving your landing pages today. (Remember, Traffic + Conversion = Revenue).

Maximize Effectiveness: Focus on your Most Responsive Leads...

2/24/10 - Lead Scoring Made Easy

From the Sales X Marketing blog - this post makes implementing and getting started with lead scoring easy. At the OMS lead generation & Sales 2.0 panel discussion only 4 out of 100 people are actively scoring their leads. Only another 8 indicated plans to do so. People are making this too hard! In order to measure engagement, and separate your most responsive leads from the herd, lead scoring is essential!

More on Lead Nurturing That Converts to Customers >>

(additional resources and insights)

Across the board insights...

2/26/10 - Top 24 Things I Learned At Online Marketing Summit 2010

This Vertical Measures blog post has some really interesting nuggets that might add some insights to your own marketing efforts - and it's an easy list to browse!







"For getting insights re: online marketing techniques and strategies, the OMS is one of the best conferences I've attended.  This year I have the privilege of also speaking at the OMS on demand generation.  The networking and sharing is excellent!  The presentations valuable.  You don't want to miss it!"

Kim Albee
President, Genoo
B2B Online Marketing Group Organizer

Interview from OMS with WebProNews and Kim Albee

explores challenges SMB marketers face and how they can compete!