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Microsites Thinking and Strategy

How Microsites Can Help In Your Online Marketing

This section contains links to relevant articles about Microsites and the strategies for using them. They are blog posts and articles found from extensive searching on the web, and organized here so you can easily access the ideas.

Our Conversation page is for comments and questions -- let's hear your experiences with Microsites.

Microsites Enable a Social Infrastructure

Oct 21, 2009 post on APM Digital blog identifies Microsites as necessary infrastructure over corporate website to succeed with social media campaigns.  Integrated email marketing also part of the arsenal.

Microsites Still Have Marketers' Attention

May 28, 2008 - Article from eMarketer quotes results from Keystone research on effectiveness of Microsite to engage customers.

Microsites Better Engagement Tools Than Landing Pages? Market Saying "Yes"

May 8, 2008 post from "The Engagement Principles" Blog by Tom Chandler

The Power of Microsites To Your Lead Nurturing Program

March 06, 2008 post at SalesXMarketing blog, discusses how Microsites can help companies launch effective lead nurturing programs.

3 Reasons to Ditch Your Microsites

March 3, 2008 - Article in iMedia Connection by Sean X Cummings that completely rants on Microsites. This links to the last page of the article, where the comments are. Go ahead and read the article for his perspective. The comments are really great and what I found most valuable.

The Pros And Cons Of Microsites As An SEO Option

Sep. 20, 2007 article by Stephan Spencer at Searchengineland website. A short article that is an easy read.

Microsites for Affiliates and SEO

July 10, 2007 - StickyEyes' Gary Beal's article explores how Affiliates can use Microsites to drive business and get good search engine optimization.

Microsites Are Becoming a Macro Idea

May 17, 2007 - Direct Magazine Article looks at Microsites and their value. Who can benefit from a microsite? Hanekamp's answer is straightforward: almost anybody, as long as the content is good?not necessarily funny but entertaining-- the site is focused and the marketing objectives are clear.

Microsites are Red Hot!

Aug 10, 2006 Blog post by Barry Harrigan cites an Aug 2006 study done by The Strategy Group and eWEEK.com regarding the interest and use of Microsites by web visitors. It also discusses ways of organizing your microsites and tracking visitor traffic.

Microsites and SEM: A Proof of Concept

Nov 12, 2004 - Article at The ClickZ Network, by Kevin Lee, founder of Didit, who also wrote the book "The Eyes Have It." This article explores the relevance of using Microsites to enhance search marketing efforts.

Power-Packed Microsites

Sep 18, 2002 Article at The ClickZ Network, by Kathleen Goodwin. The second article about Using Email and Microsites together. Written in 2002, much is still relevant today!

Dynamic Duo: E-Newsletter and Microsite

Sep 4, 2002 Article at The ClickZ Network, by Kathleen Goodwin. The first of two articles written back in 2002: A "How To" about using Email Marketing with a Microsite to engage your leads.

Wikipedia Entry for Microsite

A good definition of Microsite.

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