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Creating Relevant and Effective Content

Marketers are embracing the need to shift our focus from our companies and products to customer priorities and interests. Talking about how great we are isn’t making the connections we need to generate high quality leads or build engagement.  With customers in control of the buying process, we need to expose how our expertise adds value that they won’t get if they buy a similar product elsewhere. But, crafting that content is a challenge. There are a lot of components to consider:

•    How do we highlight our expertise to connect with our customers?
•    Which format and wording options will play best in SEO efforts?
•    What’s required from our content to help us build relationships?
•    Can we shift from a quantity to quality of leads goal?

At the heart of this shift in perspective and customer alignment is content.

There are a variety of articles and resources available to help you grasp the principles and become proficient at aligning your content with customer needs and priorities. We’ve highlighted a collection we hope you’ll find useful as you consider what changes will give your content the edge you need to build higher levels of engagement with your leads.

Content Marketing Emerging As “Secret Sauce” As Marketers Rely On Nurturing To Build Dialogue

9/14/10 - DemandGenReports - Content is essential not only to lead nurturing by to an effective online marketing strategy. It is the "secret sauce" that will engage and build relationships with your leads!

Why "Gating" Access To Content May Not Make Sense

Mar 24, 2009 - Junta 42 Blog post confirms what we at Genoo have had discussions about with people -- and why we haven't gated access to our eBooks. Take a read...

How to Strike Content Marketing GOLD

This post has it all...best practices, case studies, biggest content marketing mistakes. Worth the read.

The 5 Keys to Lead Nurturing - #2 Content!

In the second of a five part series on the 5-Keys to lead nurturing Robert Moreau (member of the B2B Online Marketing Group) discusses the importance of CONTENT and how the use of effective content can drive your company's ability to better optimize your marketing initiative performance.

The Secrets of Storytelling: Why We Love a Good Yarn

September 2008 article in Scientific American -- A very cool article! Storytelling is a human universal, and common themes appear in tales throughout history and all over the the world. These characteristics of stories, and our natural affinity toward them, reveal clues about our evolutionary history and the roots of emotion and empathy in the mind. By studying narrative's power to influence beliefs, researchers are discovering how we analyze information and accept new ideas.

The Secret to Online Marketing in the 21st Century : It's the Content, Stupid!

Aug 6, 2008 -- Newt Barrett of Content Marketing Today: Your job as a marketer is to make it easy for your buyers to buy from you. But making it easy for them may be hard for you, unless you can execute an effective content marketing strategy.

Back Story as foundation for your content marketing plan

August 4, 2008 post by Ardath Albee: You're coming up on a new project launch, or maybe re-evaluating your marketing goals for the upcoming 4th quarter, and you need content to get the word out and generate interest and, well, deals. So you draft a 3-month content marketing plan....

Seven Building Blocks of a Destination Website: #6 Voice

July 30, 2008 -- blog post by Stoney deGeyter for Search Engine Guide, explores the 6th building block of a website -- voice. How much do you pay attention to the voice in your website content? Find out how this can make a difference in your content.

Content without a goal is unemployed

July 21, 2008 post by Ardath Albee: Is your marketing content unemployed? What I mean by this is that content, to be of value to anyone, must do something. If your content is not written with the express intention of helping your audience learn, understand or take action about something (or all three), it's just sitting there on your web page, taking up space. And, quite possibly, driving people away from your website.

Success Stories are Sales Tools

July 18, 2008 -- Ardath Albee of the Marketing Interactions blog explores the difference between a case study and a 'success story'. Learn how you can provide stories that work for leads at any stage of the buying cycle.

B2B Websites Tell Disjointed Stories

June 30, 2008 -- Ardath Albee of Marketing Interactions takes a look at B2B websites and keeping the content in context for your visitors. A post with some good ideas about keeping the relevance when putting sidebar links on your pages.View

Learn about leads by the content they read

June 20, 2008 -- Ardath Albee of Marketing Interactions asserts that Marketers need a strategic approach to how they can learn about their leads by the content they read. With a 9 month average buying cycle for complex sales and buyers entering the sales cycle later, marketers often feel like they're flying blind. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Small Businesses Out-Market Big Businesses Online by Being Real and Taking Risks

June 12, 2008 post by Tom Chandler thinks small businesses can out-market big businesses online. He says authenticity trumps hype and corporatespeak every time.

Consumers See Through Manipulative Marketing: Engagement Marketing Seen Through New Eyes

May 6, 2008 -- Tom Chandler explores the questions, are marketers who fail at engagement marketing doing so because they're unwilling to look through anything but ?old-school? marketing eyes? Is the illusion of control holding back today's marketer?

Relevance of relevant content

2008 article by Amrit Hallan explores search engine marketing and the role of content and keeping your website content fresh for maximum search engine exposure.

IKEA Content: How to Lose Your Readers in Two Minutes or Less

June 17, 2007 -- This post, by Michael Stelzner at The Copyblogger site, talks about writing purposeful content that leads your readers and doesn't lose them in a maze, leaving them wondering what the point is.

How to Write Engaging Whitepapers

August 3, 2006 -- In this article by Michael Stelzner, the white paper guru provides useful white paper writing tips and techniques. Stelzner says with a little forethought and careful craftsmanship, a white paper?even the most technical?can grab a reader and easily accomplish its goals.? The article provides lots of useful tips and techniques to help technical communicators create compelling white paper content and a link to a free downloadable chapter from his new book!

What is Relevant Content?

Oct 13, 2004 -- Post by Rok Hrastnik at MarketingStudies.net discusses what exactly is relevant content? We all know the idea that reaching our goals and serving our visitors requires relevant content -- and this post is a take on what makes up "relevance". He discusses the value of RSS (pull) and email marketing (push).

Confronting Relevance

July 12, 2002 -- Bryan Eisenberg from The ClickZ Network explores the idea of relevance, and asks, "Do you implement relevance when trying to get prospects to take action?"

eBook: Amplify Buyer Attention

Amplify Buyer Attention - Content Strategy
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Content In Action

Vision Solutions eBook series "most cost effective" lead generation strategy

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does your content have catch factors?
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