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B2B Resources

B2B online marketers easy to find resources. We aim to list resources to help you think about how you are doing your online marketing, get ideas for improving it, and seeing how others are having success.

If you know of any resources that we could include here, please contact us.

Featured Resources:

The Art & Science of Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

How do you get found? Are you able to optimize effectively? What strategies work?Read More

Email Marketing: Taking it to the next level

What are the most effective Email marketing techniques? How do you better target? How do you get higher open and click-through rates, and increase your conversions?Read More

Creating Effective and Relevant Content

Marketers are making a huge shift - from focusing on our products and services and what's great about us, to focusing on the value our content provides to help and assist our leads and prospects in being more effective in whatever areas of expertise our products help to address. Making that shift is challenging - how do we craft content that adds value, is effective with SEO efforts, and builds a relationship? How do we shift from a quantity of leads standpoint to a quality of leads position? What I mean is how do companies move to understanding that perhaps fewer leads will be pushed to sales from marketing, but the leads that get pushed are really viable, qualified leads? At the heart of the ability to make this shift is content. Luckily, there are many articles out there that help us think about how to make that shift. And we've highlighted that thinking so you have easy access to it.Read More

Thinking that can aid your Microsite Strategy

How do your customers or prospects find you? Given their specific interests and mind-set, you need to position to be easily found by them. That's where microsites come in. We have searched the net for everything about Microsites to help you get the gist of what's possible. Find out more about effective microsite strategies and thinking.Read More

Need Content?

Junta42 Match is the only marketplace for custom publishing and branded content solutions, representing the top custom publishers in North America.Find Content Providers...

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Online Marketing Strategy

Excellent original and challenging thinking about Online Marketing possibilities and practical strategies for B2B marketers.View the blog