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Unique Selling Proposition, Personality, and Emotions - The Basics For Killer Content!

It's time to refocus your marketing.  To do this you need to create killer content -- content that not only engages your target market, but compels them to act. This section provides you with ideas and tips to clarify and nail a great Unique Selling Proposition, illustrates why having a personality is important in marketing, and how emotions impact not only action but purchase decisions.  These articles, blogs, and videos have terrific content that will get your marketing brain churning, we promise! And if we've missed something great let us know and we will get it out here.

Kim Albee, President of Genoo 

Identifying your Perfect Customer is CRITICAL!

Can you identify your perfect customer? If not, then you need to read this post -- and I'm suprised at how many marketers cannot answer this question. Yet, with online marketing, knowing the answer to this drives EVERYTHING. Not kidding. If you're not getting off-the-chart results, it's likely you can't describe your perfect customer. This terrific post gives you three great steps to get yourself clear.

The Emotionally Unique Selling Proposition

From Dr. Glenn Livingston, a psychologist and market researcher who has excellent approaches to keyword selection and pay-per-click advertising, identifies that creating an emotionally unique selling proposition is essential. He says, "...to truly leverage your USP, you need to know the emotional environment it operates within..." Definitely check out this post!

Emotionomics- Leveraging Emotions for Business Success

Interview with author, Dan Hill. This interview contains information about understanding the power of emotions and their impact on decision making. People are primarily emotional decision-makers and many companies have not yet accepted this fact, watch and find out how to use emotions to your company's advantage.

Infusing Personality Will Drive Engagement, Action, and Loyalty!

Personality sells. But don’t take my word for it, it’s been proven. And your content needs to motivate your audience to act. To do that, you can’t be all things to all people – you’ve got to have a position, a sacred cow, something that you stand for no matter what. Find out how you can create instant appeal and motivate your audience to action!

What Do You Stand For? Building a Content Strategy

Interview with author, Joe Pulizzi. This interview addresses the question, "What is your story?" and how to use your company's voice and personality to deliver the Unique Selling Proposition. Watch this video and learn what you really stand for.

How To Beat Your Competition

This article discusses the importance of a Unique Selling Proposition and what to do with it once it is developed.

10 Examples of Killer Unique Selling Propositions on the Web

Some times the best way to learn is through examples. This blog provides 10 examples of "Killer" Unique Selling Propositions and talks about what makes them so great.

Definition: Unique Selling Proposition

This article contains a good definition of a Unique Selling Proposition and how to uncover it and use it to power up your sales.

Personality Marketing

This article provides a brief overview of "Personality Marketing" and three tips to help your company stand out from the crowd.

What's in it for me?

This article focuses on developing a great Unique Selling Proposition by explaining the key elements of a great Unique Selling Proposition.

Social Media, Value Proposition, Top Lessons of 2010

This piece covers what worked and what didn't in the last year. Focusing on offline and online integration, traffic source quality, graphic design, and social media.

Mr. B-to-B Declares The Death of Business-to-Business Marketing

Rick Segal’s recent address to “Europe B2B” in Berlin on December 3, 2010 - A terrific look at how mobile and social have changed the nature of work and business. How we look at marketing, and put together marketing campaigns, from the fresh perspective he offers can make a huge difference in campaign and marketing effectiveness. Pay attention!

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Recommended Reading:

Instant Appeal: The 8 Primal Factors That Create Blockbuster Success

By Vicki Kunkel. This book offers strategies any business can use in its marketing efforts, whether you want to market yourself, your products, or your business. Learn to understand what gets a person to act when it comes to making a purchase.

Emotionomics- Leveraging Emotions for Business Success

By Dan Hill. This book contains information about understanding the power of emotions and their impact on decision making. People are primarily emotional decision-makers and many companies have not yet accepted this fact.