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Effective Online Marketing for B2B

How effective are your B2B Online Marketing activities? Are you struggling to stay up with all the new buzz-words? Are you having to do more with less? Are you interested in what other B2B marketers are doing? Welcome to B2B Online Marketing Pros. This site is a resource for B2B Online Marketing professionals -- with links and articles that will help you be more effective with your B2B Online Marketing initiatives.

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Currently Featuring:

Unique Selling Proposition, Personality, and Emotions - The Basics For Killer Content!

We need to create killer content to engage your target market. This section provides you with information that explains the value and importance of a great Unique Selling Proposition, why having a personality is important in marketing, and how emotions impact purchase decisions.  These articles, blogs, and videos have terrific content that will get your marketing brain churning, we promise! And if we've missed something great let us know and we will get it out here.

Previously Featured:

Metrics & Measurement

Measurement is a must to understanding how your online marketing efforts are performing. We've pulled together some of the best content on the subject of ROI, ROMI, and RONI to help all of us navigate the world of online marketing more effectively.Implement the Marketing Metrics That Prove Business Value >>
Previously Featured:

Social Networking For B2B

What are the effective social media strategies for a business-to-business organization?  How can you explore, and leverage the variety of social media in your online marketing strategies?  And how can you best measure those efforts?

Get Your Social Media Strategy on Solid Ground >>
Recommended Reading:

Instant Appeal: The 8 Primal Factors That Create Blockbuster Success

By Vicki Kunkel. This book offers strategies any business can use in its marketing efforts, whether you want to market yourself, your products, or your business. Learn to understand what gets a person to act when it comes to making a purchase.View at Amazon >>
Recommended Reading:

Emotionomics- Leveraging Emotions for Business Success

By Dan Hill. This book contains information about understanding the power of emotions and their impact on decision making. People are primarily emotional decision-makers and many companies have not yet accepted this fact.View at Amazon >>
Recommended Reading:

Measuring Marketing: 103 Key Metrics Every Marketer Needs

Measuring Marketing: 103 Key Metrics Every Marketer Needs
This is a big book. But if you want to know the different metrics, how to compute them, as well as the impact on decision making, this is a great reference to have available.Check it out on Barnes & Noble >>
Recommended Reading:

Marketing Metrics in Action: Creating a Performance-Driven Marketing Organization

Marketing Metrics in Action by Laura Patterson
By Laura Patterson - this book is small and easy to read, and walks you through establishing marketing accountability and making your marketing efforts relevant to the business.View at Amazon >>

Lead Nurturing

Once you capture a lead's information, how do you create and build a relationship so when they are ready to buy, your company is top of mind?Read More

The Art & Science of Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

Search Engine Optimization is critical.  80% of customers report that they find their vendors and not the other way around.  Getting found in natural search results (or paid search) is one of the leading, and possibly lowest cost channels for lead generation.  We took SEO seriously this month, and tried out several of the tools that are covered here, and to our happiness and suprise, within a two week period, we were ranked #2 for our search term -- where previously we weren't even on the first 5 pages of results! 

What's next for your SEO and SEM Efforts? >>

Email Marketing: Time to take it to the Next Level

What are the most effective Email marketing techniques? How do you better target? How do you get higher open and click-through rates, and increase your conversions?  We have scoured the web, read the benchmark studies and numerous case studies, as well as a couple of books, and bring you some of the thinking that will help make the most of your email marketing initiatives.

Email Marketing Artices and Thinking -- Taking it to the Next Level...

Creating Effective and Relevant Content

Marketers are making a huge shift - from focusing on our products and services and what's great about us, to focusing on the value our content provides to help and assist our leads and prospects in being more effective. Making that shift is challenging:

  • how do we craft content that adds value?
  • is effective with SEO efforts?
  • builds and deepens relationships?
  • How do we shift from a quantity of leads standpoint to a quality of leads position? 

At the heart of the ability to make this shift is content. Luckily, there are many articles out there that help us think about how to make that shift. And we've highlighted that thinking so you have easy access to it.

Explore how effective and relevant content can make the difference >>

Leveraging Microsites

How do your customers or prospects find you? Given their specific interests and mind-set, you need to position to be easily found by them. That's where microsites come in. We have searched the net for everything about Microsites to help you get the gist of what's possible. Find out more about effective microsite strategies and thinking.Read More

Marketing Automation That's Easy and Affordable


Generate more leads, nurture them, and convert them to customers using an integrated solution that helps turn your web presence into a lead generation and conversion machine!

Check out Genoo >>

Need Content?

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Excellent original and challenging thinking about Online Marketing possibilities and practical strategies for B2B marketers.View the blog